Mailing and Shipping

Clear Plastic Mailing Tubes Clear plastic mailing tubes are often used for shipping and protecting important documents, creatively packaging business advertisements, sending direct mail campaigns, product samples, and so much more. Businesses and consumers have chosen to ship their clear plastic mailing tubes via the USPS, as they are the most cost effective. Petro’s clear plastic mailing tubes are a USPS-approved package, and perform considerably better than the alternative paper tubes especially in rainy, snowy, and other inclement weather. Vinyl caps fit extremely snug on each plastic mailing tube, so no additional tape is necessary.   Petro Packaging’s Clear Plastic Mailing Tubes and USPS Shipping Information:

  • Mailing tubes are arranged on top of mail pile therefore they are seen and opened first.
  • Clear plastic mailers can be shipped via Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.
  • Clear plastic mailing tubes are still considered a standard “Package” according to USPS standards, meaning there is no additional costs to ship products in a tube instead of a box.
  • All goods inside our clear mailing tubes may be sent via USPS First Class Package Service, as long as the tube’s weight is less than 15.999 oz.
  • Petro’s clear stock industrial tubes can also be used as a shipping package for heavy items weighing up to 70 lbs such as fishing poles, telescopes, and golf clubs!
  • Petro Packaging’s clear plastic mailing tubes can be shipped internationally.
  • Plastic Mailing tubes can also be made in opaque colors if you choose that your product not be visible, while maintaining the same durability as a clear tube.

Advantages of Plastic Mailing Tubes vs. Paper:

  • Petro’s clear plastic mailing tubes and snug fitting caps have more durability in handling heavier products inside as opposed to the alternative tubes.
  • Plastic mailing tubes are weather-resistant to keep the products inside dry and protected.

Commonly purchased mailing tube sizes include, but are not limited to the following:

1 ½” x 8” Lts. open end tube with vinyl caps 2” x 10” Lts. open end tube with vinyl caps 2 ½” x 12” Lts. open end tube with vinyl caps

*Petro’s plastic mailing tubes can also be made with a heavier wall to better protect your product against being crushed, dropped or other potential handling damages.