CAB Stock Plastic Tubes

Petro Packaging Co. Inc. stocks clear tubing manufactured from Tenite™ CAB (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate). Tenite CAB was one of the first modern thermoplastics and has been used for over 60 years in tube and profile applications. This material is bio based and derived from 100% renewable softwood material. Butyrate offers many distinct advantages including exceptional clarity and high gloss, toughness with the ability to withstand abuse and chemically resistant to withstand environmental stress cracking. CAB is designer friendly and easy to fabricate, with high melt strength for designing complex and thick heavy parts. Tubes manufactured from this material are ideal for customers needing packaging tubes, prototypes, pneumatic conveying tubes, sight glasses and point of purchase components to name a few. Petro Packaging Co. Inc. offers a wide variety of Stock sizes available for immediate shipment.
5 Stock Plastic Tubes

Custom diameters and Lengths can be quoted upon request!

Stocked in pre-packed cartons of 6 FT Length pieces specified below – please call or email [email protected] to order.

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Sizes Offered:

3/85/16 1/32150900PPS38Axx
1 1/41 3/161/3242252PPS114Axx
1 1/41 1/81/1642252PPS114Bxx
1 1/411/842252PPS114Cxx
1 1/21 7/161/3225150PPS112Axx
1 1/21 3/81/1625150PPS112Bxx
1 1/21 1/41/825150PPS112Cxx
1 3/41 5/81/1620120PPS134Axx
1 3/41 5/81/1620120PPS134Bxx
1 3/41 1/21/820120PPS134Cxx
21 15/161/321696PPS2Axx
21 7/81/161696PPS2Bxx
21 3/41/81696PPS2Cxx
2 1/41 3/161/321272PPS214Axx
2 1/41 1/81/161272PPS214Bxx
2 1/421/81272PPS214Cxx
2 1/22 7/161/32954PPS212Axx
2 1/22 3/81/16954PPS212Bxx
2 1/22 1/41/8954PPS212Cxx
2 3/42 11/161/32848PPS234Axx
2 3/42 5/81/16848PPS234Bxx
2 3/42 1/21/8848PPS234Cxx
32 15/161/32636PPS3Axx
32 7/81/16636PPS3Bxx
32 3/41/8636PPS3Cxx
3 1/43 3/161/32530PPS314Axx
3 1/43 1/81/16530PPS314A xx
3 1/431/8530PPS314Bxx
3 1/23 3/161/32424PPS312Axx
3 1/23 3/81/16424PPS312Bxx
3 1/23 1/41/8424PPS312Cxx
43 15/321/8424PPS4Axx
4 3 7/81/16424PPS4Bxx
43 3/41/8424PPS4Cxx
Cap and Plug images, descriptions and color choices can be found on our Caps and Plugs page.

Material Offered:

This product is manufactured from Clear Tenite™ CAB (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate) which is approved by the FDA for contact with food and pharmaceuticals.